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  1. New Blog

    Tue 16 September 2014

    It has been a long time since I have redesigned my personal blog. I keep having ideas for posts, but hated adding more content to a platform I wasn't very happy with. So out with Wordpress and in with Pelican.

    So what is Pelican? It's a static site ...

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  2. The Big Book Annoucement

    Sun 19 January 2014

    When I started the first 52 project, long ago in the spring of 2009, I thought that maybe, some day, writing all these stories would result in something. I thought that I might improve my writing skills. I was pretty sure I would develop ingrained habits around writing and a ...

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  3. All that is not Kennric

    Fri 29 March 2013

    Supposedly, when asked how he was able to carve such a magnificent statue, Michelangelo said that he considered the marble and "chipped away all that wasn't David."

    It occurs to me that life is a process of chipping away. When you deal with depression the process is survival itself ...

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  4. On the occasion of flying home

    Mon 21 December 2009

    There has been some stir recently over a new airport passenger scanning technology that supposedly reveals the naked body (in false color) many airline passengers keep concealed beneath their clothing. I thought about it while waiting for 20 minutes to slowly run all of my belongings through an x-ray machine ...

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